Saturday, December 30, 2006


Isn't it?
It wasn't the greatest Christmas ever at Chez Rad, myself and the Bread were a bit poorly. Bad stomachs and no appetite lead to a fab Christmas Dinner. Still we made the effort and managed to eat it all too. The little fella had a great time. Playing with all the paper he'd ripped off of all his presents was a particular highlight for him. I'm ever so grateful to my cousin who thoughtfully provided him with a v-tech bus thing that has about 3 million different tunes and phrases and is very very loud. That's a particular favourite with him. Ah well. New Year beckons. Have a good one peeps.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

By the way

It's my birthday a week from today.
I'll be 38. That's nearly 40. I'm not scared.
Really, I'm not.

Buy me presents you cunts!

Howdy Hey!

Happy Holidays!

Better late than never

Should have been here in July. Came out in October in the United States.

Finally arrived here in December.

I do love minimates. There's something extremely cool about them. Probably the simplicity of design compared to todays insanely detailed and overly articulated action figures. I am getting a bit tired with the constant reissuing of old characters in new costumes though. Still, next year brings Battlestar Galactica and DC minimates too. Every now and again I have to remind people that I'm Geek and I'm Proud! :D

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I like drinking wine. I like drinking it lots. I like drinking lots of wine.
I really really like drinking Van Loveren's Blanc de Noir Red Muscadel.

Why does no fucker sell it?


Sunday, December 10, 2006


(In which our hero (that's Me) attempts to write a blog post without swearing.)
Do people take constitutionals these days? I suppose you have to have somewhere in which to take one really. A local park or forest, or something similar. Believe it or not, even though I live in the sticks there was nowhere to go if you fancied a walk. Unless of course you really really wanted to brave walking along a country lane with idiots racing towards you at 60mph. Why are they doing 60mph on a road barely wide enough to allow two cars to pass each other? Because it's the legal speed limit and by God, they're going to drive to it, it's their right as Englishmen or something! Anyway, I digress... The old hospital site behind my house has been redeveloped into housing. As part of the deal the local council negotiated for new footpaths to be installed by the property developers. This means we can walk into the main part of the village without getting mown down by lunatics. Even better, they're laying a path along my cycle route to work. So that means instead of cycling with the constant apprehension of being hit by some lunatic doing 60mph (it's my right to go that fast dammit!) on a dark winters night, I can do so in relative safety. All I need now is for the new people in charge at work to move my base of operations. No, we won't go there, I'm trying not to swear!

So anyway, yesterday afternoon I took the little fella out for a walk. Well, he sat in his buggy, I walked. It's a fair old trek into the village. Takes about an hour there and back, the intention being that at some point little fella would get some sleep while I would be getting some semblance of exercise. On the walk back the sun was setting and I just had to take a picture cos it was so spectacular. Shame the photo doesn't really do it justice, the way the sunlight was shining through the bare branches of the trees was faboo!

Today in our ever desperate attempts to get the little fella to go to sleep we travelled to Salhouse Broad. It was cold, it was windy. I wasn't in the best of moods. Then I saw this bad boy

Look at that, it's fantastic. You can almost see a face in that trunk. It's Gawain's Green Knight. It's Swamp Thing. It's the Green Man! It's dead freaky deaky.

Almost as freaky from the other side too!
A bit further along we came across another freaky, though less spectacularly gnarled Oak.

When we got to the Broad itself I saw something I'd never ever seen before, check this out.

A black swan! Such a pretty beastie, though it's eyes were as red as Satan's ringpiece and just as disturbing to stare into.

Friendly though.

It was around this point that a couple of inbreds came along with their mad Labrador which proceeded to launch itself into the water at every opportunity. We took this as our opportunity to roll our eyes heavenward and return to the motor. Did I mention that it was so cold there was ice on the ground. Well it was. I was grumpy!

Look at that, a whole post without swearing. Someone buy me a drink! :D

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Phucking Phone companies

O2 can fuck right off!

I rang them yesterday to find out when I could cancel my contract and how to go about it. Hang on, says the bloke I'm talking to, we really don't want to lose your custom, let me put you through to our retention department and see if they can persuade you otherwise.

The woman I get put through to didn't really seem to give a shit whether I stayed or fucked off. She started arguing my version of events over the whole replacement phone farrago which had led to my decision to quit O2 in the first place. She even told me my original V3 didn't have a video camera on it. Well how the fuck did I take all those vids of the little fella just after he was born then?

She then tried to convince me to stay by offering me a tariff for £35 which would give me 2,000 anytime minutes and 1,000 texts a month. Yeah right, like I'm going to use anywhere near that. Notwithstanding the fact that my current tariff was only £20.00 a month anyway. She changed tack, asked what phone I wanted? I had to laugh when she said they'd have to charge me for the phone I was after. I pointed out that we didn't seem to be getting anywhere and how once again I'd gone from an okay customer services peep to a belligerent one. Yes well, she said. The world would be boring if we were all the same wouldn't it?

You can't argue with that, and I was tired of arguing with her. Bye bye 02. Hello T-Mobile

Hello SEw850i too. I know, I know... It's just a phone, but I'm a bloke and we love gadgets. Stops us playing with our nobs y'know! =D

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Kin ell! Half five yesterday, half six today. Babies can be complete bastards in the morning!
They can also be complete bastards when you try to feed em. He's getting to the stage where he wants to feed himself but he lacks the hand-eye-spoon-gob coordination to do it himself so it ends up becoming a wrestling match between the little fella and whichever foolish parent tries to feed him (generally the bread). The floor always loses.

In other news I got this

from those fine people at Abstract Sprocket yesterday. V For Vendetta's one of the greatest comic stories I've ever read. The film is ruined by the last five minutes but up to then it's fairly faithful to the source material. Anyway, now I have my very own V for inspiration. I'm off to have a chat with Tony Blair! :D