Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Finally I gets me a Wii. It's been a journey.
I asked for and received Amazon vouchers for my Buffdy and Xmas, these were going to be put towards the purchase of a Nintendo Wii. I had no idea at this point, that a console that was released mid to late 2006 was going to be more scarce than a Labour politician's integrity. Christmas came and I went online, no Wii's in stock. At least not direct from Amazon. There were plenty of marketplace sellers listing them at anything upward of £230.00 for a £180.00 console. Cunts!. Every day I'd log on to Amazon, every day nada but the marketplace sellers were doing just fine. Prices were stabilising around £250.00 there was no way I'd even entertain buying from one of these parasites but as it was I couldn't have if I'd wanted to because you can't use Amazon vouchers when buying from marketplace sellers.

So I kept checking, and kept checking and then discovered the discussion forums where daily tales of wiiless woes were swapped. T'was no fun. Finally on the 18th of January I logged on and there it was a Nintendo Wii £179.98 hurry only three left.
So I clickied one clicky and there it was... Confirmation! Huzzah!

So imagine my delight when the confirmation e-mail landed in my inbox with an estimated delivery date of ... 20th March 2008.
I wasn't happy, then I was resigned. At least I'd got one... Right?
I checked the forums and there was another bloke in the same boat, so I left a message saying it wasn't just him. Then, after that people started popping up saying they'd ordered the day after, and the day after that, and their Wii's were already on the way. I emailed Amazon customer services I heard nothing. The next day I called them spoke to a bloke who sounded as though he were several miles away. He explained that although Amazon said I'd got one I hadn't as several other people clicked on one clicky nano-seconds before me. I wasn't happy. I asked why people who'd ordered after me were getting their stuff? He couldn't answer me and conveniently the phone line dropped out. I composed a very very stinky letter to Amazon customer services. I didn't swear but was not very polite. I expressed my disappointment at the lack of contact. I demanded my money back. I stamped my feet and scweamed and scweamed and scweamed.

I clicked on send. Then went back to my inbox. In my inbox was a very apologetic e-mail from Amazon saying it was a glitch and my Wii was on the way.

I felt foolish.

Then I thought nah bollocks to that. They should have got back to me much sooner. It was probably only because of the phone call that the matter was investigated. It's too coincidental. So anyway finally I has Wii. Was it worth the wait? Oh yes! Fucking hell but it's good fun. Updates to this blog may be even more sporadic than of late. :D Expect one in March.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

TV & Movie Minimates

TV & Movie Minimates
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Bored and wanting to muck about more with this blog function on flickr. Here's more Minimates. Faboo!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Originally uploaded by Section 9ine

These are pretty funky. A buddy over in the states sent them to me gratis. I wasn't going to collect this line but I think I'm hooked already. Jack Bauer's brilliant but Stupid Kimmy is fantastic

(posting this direct from Flickr to see how it works)