Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Death to fanatics!!!

I just read this and had to laugh at how religious people can get so twisted by their faith that they wish death and damnation on all who disagree with them. I also find that as I've become older I've become less tolerant of religion in all of its forms.

I used to be of the opinion that if someone chose to worship a particular diety then they should be free to do so. I even used to say that I respect their choice, respect that they have a faith.

I can't honestly say that I feel that way any more.
I see religion as a way of suppressing populaces. To me it's nothing but supernatural mumbo jumbo. A way to explain things that humanity didn't have the knowledge of, or science to analyse, that which we could not immediately explain or understand. I'm also sure that thousands of years ago it was very useful in making people behave in a civilised manner. Be good,or God will get you. High Priest/Priestess as Chief Constable perhaps? In it's worst aspect religion is twisted and used as a means for the powerful within that religion to whip up hatred against those that do not follow the religion. A banner beneath which the faithful and the uneducated can rally and use to justify all sorts of atrocities.

To be blunt religion really fucking offends me. The death and destruction in the name of whatever god just cannot be forgiven. The exploitation, the suppression, the barbarism practiced in the name of whatever deity. It just cannot be forgiven.

Why should I respect people's religion? Do the religious respect my atheism? Of course they don't. How can they, if they truly believe in their particular god?

The sooner we shake off these stupid hangovers from a less enlightened age the happier we'll be as a race. Gah!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Prince of the road

Cycling home Wednesday night through thick fog wasn't much fun. I did get a brief respite when I got shouted at as I sailed past what appeared to be a broken down car with its hazards flashing. It barely registered that it was me being shouted at, so I looked over my shoulder to see a very forlorn looking young lady watching me fade into the distance.

Being a lovely bloke (not wanting to blow my own trumpet, like) I turned back to see if she was ok. Turns out her mate's care had a flat battery, she'd bought some jump leads along but being a girl didn't know how to use them (her words, not mine!) So after a bit of messing about involving getting her mate to roll the broken down car backwards so that we could a) Get the car providing the jumpstart in front of the car requiring the jump, thus enabling the leads to actually reach the respective batteries. And b) Get the car providing the jumpstart out of the fucking road so that other cars could actually get past. Tch! Fucking wimmin eh? *raises eyebrows* :D Job done, cars started, friendly advice imparted on not just driving round the corner and parking up, but taking it for a spin around the city to get some juice back in the battery, and then I'm on my way.

By now the fog had also lifted so I was feeling pretty good about things. Then I get to the 'country' part of my journey. Fuck me! I cannot see a fucking thing. I've got two really good front lights on the bike. One points at the road, the other I use in low visibility so that I can see the side of the road. The one that points straight ahead is useless. All I can see is a cone of light stretching out in front of me, all it's illuminating is fog. Cycling through it is the most bizarre experience, it's like having your senses turned down to 3. Everything's muted, there's no input. It's like moving through a ghost world but there's real terror whenever I'm aware that a car is approaching, either from the front or rear. A really really unpleasant experience. I dunno why I'm even bothering to write all this. It's not very interesting really is it? Ah well, it's written now, and you've got to the end of it and thought to yourself, 'for fuck's sake, is that it?'

Yes, yes that's it!

Choo! :D

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Utter Fucking


. The cunt that tries to overtake me when there's a traffic island in the road. The road is only so wide, there is a big lump of concrete in it. I do not magically disappear when you try to overtake me you stupid thick ignorant cunt!

. The cunt who overtakes me so closely that I can feel the paintwork on their car. You are a cunt! You cunting irresponsible cuntox! I hope your feet fall off. Preferably just as you take the first step on a really big escalator.

. The cunt who overtook me on a blind bend. A blind bend. That's three of us you could have killed. You, Me, and the person driving the car that's coming the other way. You don't know they're there until they're there. You stupid stupid pigshit ignorant fucking cunt!

. Then there's the cunt from this morning that, while on a very narrow street with cars parked either side thought it was perfectly acceptable to drive straight at me instead of pulling over to the left where there was a space for you to pull into. Yes, you did look surprised as I shouted 'Fuck off you stupid Twat' didn't you? Even more surprised when I shouted 'For Fuck's sake, there's a space you could have pulled into'. And as for your boyfriend, well he just wouldn't even dare make eye contact with me. You pair of pathetic cunts.

I love cycling. I hate car drivers. They mainly appear to be cunts!