Friday, February 16, 2007

I take it back

I slagged off Preston the other week after reading how he'd stormed off the set of Never Mind The Buzzcocks. Have to say though, that watching the episode in question left me feeling quite uncomfortable. Preston didn't walk because he was being precious. He walked because someone was taking the piss out of his wife. Under the circumstances (ie: being on telly and in front of an audience) he couldn't chin Amstell for being a cunt, so he took the only other option and left. Bill Bailey was a bit of a cunt too. I'm probably in the minority on this aren't I? :D

In other news... Is Joss Stone made of plastic?


danny black said...

I *would* have sided with Preston regarding the bit with them taking the piss out of Chantelle *but*...

... I get the feeling he was looking for an excuse to throw a strop from the beginning. Just a hunch.

If I'd just seen that bit I'd have probably congratulated him for defending his wife's honour (in an inactive way) - but he seemed to be trying to be moody and cool from minute one.

Maybe I'm being harsh but I just find everything he does on a level with Donny Tourette - but at least Tourette has comedy value for being an obvious cunt!

ps. Joss Stone at the Brits - fuck me. Drop the Devon/American accent and the stupid motivational speeches luv! What was that about?

Rad said...

Didn't watch the Brits mate. But I've seen the vid for her new song and she just comes across as a great big fake. It looks as if they had to throw lots of black people into the video to show it had soul or something.

As for Preston/Donny Tourette... With Preston it seemed like he was uncomfortable from the start. I think he'd come in for a lot of piss taking that wasn't shown. Donny Tourette's an absolute fucking pillock. My left nut is more punk than him. Everybody hates a tourist! ;)

Jon said...

Well now, this was in the Holy Moly gossip email newsletter a couple of weeks back (er, not that I'd read anything so scurrilous of course...)

Stop the clocks! Could it be that the fairytale romance of the century is over? Anvil-faced Ordinary Boys front-cock Preston has been photographed with his ex, and it appears that they are still very much in contact.

His management realised that such pictures could lead some to believe that his marriage is a sham and purely a means for a talentless nobody (and Chantelle) to make a bit of dosh while the going is good. The management put their heads together and hatched a Machiavellian plot.

"Right Preston, you're on that 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks' tonight. It might just happen that they have a go at Chantelle or something. If they do, have a strop to show how much she means to you. That'll fool the world!"

Several hours later, Preston 'storms' off the set after a light-hearted jibe about his wife. Hardly Heathcliffe, is he?

They might very well say that - I couldn't possibly comment...

Anxious said...

I kind of know what you mean, Rad. It seemed like before the show, something had been going on that we're not aware of - he wasn't happy from the start of the programme. And I suppose it's a different thing to have someone take the piss out of you and someone take the piss out of your wife.

I still think he was being a bit of a pouting ponce, trying to look cool.

Steve said...

I'm with Dan. I read the review in the paper which said Preston came off the best, but, having watched the repeat on Saturday night, it looked to me a tad pre-meditated.

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