Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The tooth, the whole tooth

Nah, didn't get yanked. Thought it would have been but the Dennis decided to rebuild it and thankfully it all seems okay now. I'm going to drum into the kid how important it is to look after one's gob'ole, British Dentistry is the only thing that makes Septics feel superior to us. :D

On the subject of the little fella, he's starting to come out with words. He's been saying 'hiya' for ages but now he says 'Bu-bye', and also 'I go' when we're leaving somewhere. Last night he rammed his walker truck into the Breadknifes legs, tried to push it a couple more times and then exclaimed 'Not Go!'

It's sickeningly cute and I'm inordinately proud of him, probably a lot more proud than I will be when he shouts 'fuck' for the first time. I just know I'm going to be the one getting the daggers, I try so very hard not to swear around him but it's not easy when you're driving.


c said...

i have a tenner on his next word being "cunt".


Rad said...

noooooo! His mum'd kill me!

Rad said...

noooooo! His mum'd kill me!

Annie said...

Awww! How nice! It is great when they start talking.

bod said...

has he called the milkman dad yet?