Monday, May 14, 2007

Defending John Sweeny

I caught a report on the breakfast news about this Now I saw the footage that was on youtube and all I can say is well done John Sweeny. The guy he gives the hairdryer treatment too had been doing exactly the same thing to Sweeny.

If you watch the documentary you'll see Sweeny ask the Scientoligist (a fake religion whose weaker minded disciples truly belive an alien called Xenu transported another race of aliens called thetans and killed them by dumping them into a volcano!)about how he feels when his 'religion' is described as a sinister cult? At which point the interviewee 'rewinds' the question and starts shouting, literally shouting into the reporters face. If it had been me I'd have been shouting right back at him. John Sweeny shows remarkable restraint in keeping a lid on things for an entire week, and if you watch the youtube clip you'll see that in between the hairdryer blasts Sweeny speaks very softly as if to say 'now how does that feel?'

It's obvious that the scientoligists set out to discredit Sweeny they probably posted the clip on youtube while Sweeny and the Scientology guy were apologising to each other. It's not a religion it's a way for some very shady people to make money out of the gullible. Only the foolish rich could possibly think enlightenment is a commodity. For further information on Scientology please watch the South Park episode called Trapped In The Closet, it's funny as fuck and will tell you all you need to know about Scientology!:D


Rol Hirst said...

Is that the episode Tom Cruise had banned, never to be shown again anywhere in the known universe?

Rad said...

Kind of.
It's alledged that a certain actor wished it never to be shown again. :D

However, the South Park boys told Comedy Central that if the episode was consigned to the shitter they'd be taking South Park elsewhere.

The episode has since been repeated and can indeed be found at a rather wonderful resource I think you'll agree?

danny black said...

I've never forgiven L. Ron Hubbard for leaving Old Mother Hubbard with a bare cupboard.

What good is religion when you can't give your poor doggie a bone?