Thursday, March 15, 2007


It's not that my life is dull really. I just seem to struggle with finding the time to post. Little fella has been a bit up and down too, which does tend to take up most of your time and energy. Poor little sod had his MMR last week and then had some kind of reaction (I think) a couple of days later. That culminated in me having to take Friday off with zero notice to look after him. I might work for a cunty organisation but thank fuck I have an understanding manager. On top of all that over the weekend we had the joys of not one, not two, not even three, but six! Yes, count em. Six new teeth trying to make an appearance in the little fella's gob'ole. This was not fun. In fact this lead to one of the worst weekends either of us has ever had. Screaming, tantrums, painkillers doing fuck all. This started in the early hours of Sunday morning and didn't let up until Tuesday.It was sheer undiluted mental torture, can't describe the relief I felt on Tuesday when we realised we were over the worst of it. I tell you what, if you're thinking of having a little bundle of joy of your own you better make sure you've got a damn fine support network around you. Unlike me!


Delboys Daughter said...

Ouch. Hope he gets settled soon.
I didn't have much of a support network either. It aint easy.

Anonymous said...

oh no, sounds rough mate! Imagine if you'd had twins?!


bod said...

6 teeth! 6 teeth at once!poor little chap and you and the bread deserve a bottle of brandy for that mate.

30th February said...

brandy on the gums helps.

failing that you could always try giving the lad some :)

Anonymous said...

I don't think my nurse outfit is going to work here, is it? ;)

30th February said...

Your new monkey icon is superb!

Rad said...

DD: He'd settled by the Tuesday. Mind you, he's having a bit of a one today. Not sure if it's teeth or an imminent growth spurt.

C: Tell me about it mate. I think we've been blessed with a fairly happy kid. Can't imagine having another one though.

Bod: Brandy? Gimmee!

Dan: Brandy? Gimmee! :D

Furtive: I'd imagine that nurse outfit might look a tad different from the one the Breadknife wears. ;)

Dan: Fucking great innit. Chimps with Guns. Even funnier than Chimps on bicycles.