Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Irony... Much?

So there I am, riding home from work. Approaching a fairly narrow 'pinch point' where there's a traffic island in the middle of the road. I glance behind, see a car coming up on me and realise there's plenty of time for it to get around me before we get to the pinch point. The car passes me, I look behind again, there's another car approaching but to my mind not enough time for it to get around me. So I do what I always do in this situation, I move out toward the centre of the road. Most drivers will realise that what they were about to attempt is a bit fucking stupid and hold back for that brief moment in time that allows me to safely exit the pinch point and allows them to safely overtake me. Except, this fucker is still coming, so I move out a bit more, but they're still coming. They're now attempting to overtake me by driving up the turning point to the medical practice on the other side of the road. Their car is square on to the traffic island. I'm convinced the car is finally going to hold back, but no, it accelerates, hard! It just manages to slip between me and the traffic island, there's about a foot between me and a car. Now, a foot may seem like a fairly healthy distance between two objects, but when one object is travelling at 15mph and the other at 30mph + it's not much of a gap at all. Naturally I do my fucking nut at this stupid selfish ignorant cunt. Then I see the sticker in the back window. It says 'THINK BIKE!'

Hello, been a while hasn't it?


Anonymous said...

perhaps the sticker meant "Think Bike (but only if I am riding it)"

Rad said...

Or perhaps Think (motor)bike.
Fuck pushbikes!

bod said...

you know mate, i'd put money on him having bought the car with that sticker already on the window!